Pop Pasta. 
introducing the original
spaghetti donut.

Pop Pasta combines a popular Neapolitan dish, 
the spaghetti pie (frittata di maccheroni or frittata di spaghetti) 
with an American food icon, the donut. 

Slow food meets fast food.

In the Neapolitan tradition the spaghetti pie is a
dish prepared with pasta leftovers combined with
eggs and cheese and then fried. Traditionally the spaghetti
are formed into large round pies and cut into slices.

This is the perfect food to bring to picnics or to the beach,
and it isn't messy like pizza!
Pop Pasta is baked and you can hold it in one hand.
It is perfect for lunch or for a snack, it comes in different flavors
and you can eat it at room temperature or warmed up if you wish.

The Pop Pasta spaghetti donut is a combination
of tradition, innovation, originality and quality.



Pop Pasta™ —  Spaghetti Donut™ — Trade Dress of Spaghetti Donut™ — 3 Utility Patents Pending — 1 Design Patent Pending — Trade Secret - the secret process
The Spaghetti Donut is crafted and sold by Pop Pasta™ under license by Cucina Popolare LLC, - info@poppasta.com